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Descent: Underground – A classic revived for the new generation


Back in 1995, I had my first taste of six degrees of freedom gameplay, and I even got a little bit of motion sickness in the process. Even so, the original Descent changed the way I viewed shooters forever, as the game was exceptionally fun to play and I think many fans still remember it to this day, over 22 years later.

Enter Descent: Underground, a game that you might remember was on Early Access for a bit before getting pulled. The game is being developed by Descendent Studios. It looks like Descent: Underground is coming back with a force and we can’t be more excited, as it is not only being developed for the PC but for PS4 and Xbox One as well. The studio revealed this incredible news yesterday and it should make every Descent fan drool uncontrollably.  

The goals of the project are:

  • Give Descent the full, modern, high-quality rebirth it deserves
  • Do it in the “Indie” spirit, with devs and fans working together to make the best game possible

Now, the developer has partnered with Little Orbit to take Descent into the next generation, as they explain in the announcement:

You might have heard about Little Orbit a few months back when they stepped in as developers to finish Unsung Story. These guys are in the trenches as devs, they care about gamers, and they also have a publishing arm. Little Orbit is providing resources to help us finish the game much faster. They’re making it possible to go beyond a single-player prologue to build our full storyline campaign!

They’re porting the PC version to XBox One and Playstation 4 to bring Descent to a new generation. Plus, they’re making it possible for us to boost up the graphics and reach for that AAA experience we really want you to have! Together we’ve developed a schedule that gets this game in your hands a heck of a lot sooner than if we’d tried to go it alone. When? That’s Little Orbit’s tale to tell, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement at one of the big 2018 conventions.

We are still the lead developers on Descent: Underground, we’re still in the driver’s seat creatively, and if you’ve been following us on BrightLocker, you’ve seen that we’re still involving gamers like you in the game-making process. If you’ve already bought the game in early access or as a crowdfunding backer, you’ll still get it. The goal hasn’t changed, but now that goal is more clearly in sight.” - Source

I, for one, cannot wait for 2018 to learn more about Descent: Underground and hopefully see some gameplay of the project running on consoles.

Did you play Descent back in the day and what do you think about it being revived on PC, PS4 and Xbox One? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Descendent Studios

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