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Watch Glitched episode 2 right here: Two competitions, reviews and more

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Last night, we showcased episode two of our gaming show Glitched, with Pippa Tshabalala and Marco Cocomello as presenters once again (watch the first episode here). As the title suggests, there were two "glitches" in the episode, and if you can spot it, then you stand a chance to win the Assassin's Creed: Origins hamper. It's not as easy as it sounds to spot those glitches, I watched the show live on YouTube, and managed only one (in my defense, I was busy taking notes). The competition closes this Friday, so make sure you enter today.

Glitched Episode 2 Recap

Super Mario Odyssey is a thing and your reason to purchase the Nintendo Switch. According to Pippa, the game's "sheer amount of charm and personality" and its "beautifully crafted world" make it a unmissable experience and the next big hit for Nintendo. Check out the replay of last night's Glitched to see why she gave it a 10/10.

Assassin's Creed: Origins landed a smashing 9/10 from Pippa, and is a "landmark" moment for the franchise. "Refined combat, a simple story, and a seamless open world make it one of the most appealing entries in the series," explains Pippa. "It's everything we love about the series and more."

Mr. Coco, our Destiny guru, took a spin on the Gigabyte Saber 17 and Aero 15X. We wanted to push the limits of both gaming laptops until it buckled under the stress. So, how far can you push Destiny 2 on these two laptops? Pretty far is the answer - but not to the game's 4K max, if you still want a smooth 60fps gameplay experience. The sweet spot for both are at 100% rendering with a resolution of 1080p, and a sold 60 fps. Destiny 2 looks spectacular on both laptops, but the Aero does have a bit more power over the Saber as it should with the better graphics card.

Our verdict is that if you're that Destiny 2 fan (or any game for that matter) who never wants to leave home without the prospect of calling on the light, then any of these two laptops should be your Ghost.

Lastly, we stopped at the MCave for a recap of the FIFA 18 event with hosts, ACGL, and headline sponsor PlayStation. Two things I want to highlight, that GameZone's big cheese, Derrick Kaylor mentioned: we are to run two more events, and there's even a new venue in sight. He didn't give out any more details, but know this, good things for South African gaming are coming.

A big shoutout to our Glitched sponsors; and to everyone who tunes in to watch the show. See you for episode three soon! Don't forget to watch the recap below and to enter the Glitched - Assassin's Creed: Origins competition.

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"good things for South African gaming are coming"

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