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Pokémon GO trainers are having a hard time catching the Shiny Sableye

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The Pokémon GO Halloween event is currently underway, with a lot of extra treats for Trainers. One such treat is the opportunity to catch Ghost-type Pokémon like Sableye and Banette. Recently there have been reports of Trainers spotting Shiny Sableye - but the chances of catching one are very slim.

The TheSilph Road ran a poll on Reddit; and according to their latest findings, there's a 1 in 250 chance for Trainers to spot the elusive creature if they try and do it without the Pokémon Plus device. Don't think that you'll have a significantly better chance if you own one, it's only slightly better.

At the 1765 poll entry mark, the Sliph Road stated that catching the Shiny Sableye:

  • With a Pokémon Plus: 1 in 263.3
  • Without a Pokémon Plus:  in 278.0

"For those wondering why the rates are lower for Go Plus users: when Go Plussing a Sableye, it won't show up shiny in your journal," explains The Sliph Road. "Since Go Plussing has a lower chance of catching the shiny Pokemon (due to berries, different ball etc.), they seem to have a lower rate. Stated differently: many shiny Sableye have been Go Plussed away."

The odds are definitely against Trainers worldwide to catch a Shiny Sableye, but at least there are enough other things to keep you entertained in the Halloween event which ends on November 2.

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