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Draconius GO is the new Pokémon GO clone the world needs

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Late last week I started to notice something strange going on around the internet. Pokémon GO players across YouTube started uploading videos about this new game called Draconius GO. What could it be I asked myself and after a little research, I discovered that the new mobile game is basically a Pokémon GO clone with some enhanced features and modes that the game has been lacking since launch. Also, you catch DRAGONS! 

Draconius GO looks almost identical to Pokémon GO in terms of its look and feels of the game. You create a player and are placed in a world with streets, and other towers and secrets scattered around you. Now instead of catching Pokémon, you now walk around and catch dragons and other mythical creatures to add to the 130+ library of beasts that you can collect in the game. 

Some highlights of the game, of which are not available in Pokémon GO include a dedicated 1V1 PVP mode, random battles against other monsters, and a deeper RPG system that lets you craft spells, look for treasure around the world you explore and even take control of forts and other buildings in the game. If anything, there is a great amount of effort put into the game and its features make sure that you are not just walking around catching Pokémon and doing the same thing over again. 

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The game also has some quality of life features like the ability to actually see what is around you and by tapping on the list of monsters it will direct you to the exact spot where you can catch it. Pokémon GO, on the other hand, does not give you any idea where the creature is you are looking for, rather you have to walk around in hopes that you find it somewhere. Also, a number of Pillars of Guidance scattered around the game are very impressive. These towers act as the PokeStops in this game and there is almost double if not triple the amount of them in my street compared to Pokémon GO. 

There is truly so much to explore in this game that my weekend with it was not enough to touch base on all the features available. Much of them are also locked until I level up, but so far I am impressed by the effort put into it to make sure that it is not just another AR game. 

If you are looking to give this clone a try then you can download it right now for iOS and Android. It is a fully functional game that has just been released to the world and so far so good. 

Have you been playing Draconius GO? Let us know in the comments below. 

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