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Of course there is a Chinese PUBG clone

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With no surprise at all, there is a Chinese PUBG clone that has surfaced and it looks almost identical to the smash hit PC version. While the game is not available in the west, the developers behind the game were not scared to make sure that it delivers the exact same experience as the PC version almost identical if it was not for the fact that it is a mobile game.

Everything from the UI to the wall of death is in this Chinese knockoff and it packs everything you would expect from a Battle Royale game. Over on Reddit, someone posted a trailer of the game which pretty much sums up the fact that it is a clone. 

While the game looks like a PUBG clone, there are some noticeable graphical glitches that make it clearly stand out as a mobile game. Lack of any sort of lighting system, very low-res, but yet still decent textures, and of course some clipping issues where players just seem to be gliding across the screen. The game is also developed by the same team who make the Overwatch mobile clone which also blatantly copies the game in every single way possible.

The worst part of all this is its name. Wait for is called Terminator 2 3D "insert Chinese text here". I am not sure why it is called Terminator and not PUBGnator, but anyway (bad joke). In other news, more related to the actual game and not this cheap clone, BlueHole announced this week that there will be no more updates for the current game until it launches later this year. 

Take a look at the clone in action below. 

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