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Pokémon GO: A new feature and Gen 3 should arrive in the next big update

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Developer Niantic Labs released a great update earlier this month that fixed that annoying curveball bug and then, through a datamine done by The Silph Road, we learned that Gen 3 will likely get released alongside the Halloween event for Pokémon GO. Now, there is even more “confirmation” that Gen 3 will definitely appear in the augmented-reality wilds.

First off, the new update (Android version 0.79.3) is now a forced download – which means you can’t play the game without it. That is generally done before a big update and as found by The Silph Road, has a Badge for players to earn by catching Pokémon from the Hoenn region (Gen 3).

With the update, there has also been a refresh to Pokémon GO’s GAME_MASTER file, which has revealed an unexpected yet exciting new feature, called Battle Teams. Multiple references were found in the code, pointing towards a system where players can create their own teams to enter raids and gym battles, instead of being thrown into things with the auto-picking feature currently in place.

It looks like players will use this feature to go on the offensive of course, but not really on the defensive, as a notification in the file points towards Pokémon on Battle Teams being cleared out if they are added to a gym. Even so, the next update should add this feature and Gen 3 Pokémon and the feature does sound like a great one.

Let’s hope the Halloween event, Gen 3 launch and the Battle Teams feature goes down as smooth as ketchup does for a Pikachu.

What do you think about the possible new Battle Teams feature and which Gen 3 Pokémon are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Source: The Silph Road

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