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Datamine shows Gen 3 Pokémon will appear in the Pokémon GO Halloween event

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Last week Sunday, Niantic released an important patch for Pokémon GO that fixed the curve ball bug. As usual, The Silph Road datamined the patch and came up with a few hints that suggested generation three Pokémon were on their way. They've now completed the datamanine of Android update 0.77.1, and uncovered more details, an image, as well as a possible release window for the gen three Pokémon; the upcoming in-game Halloween event.

The Sliph Road discovered a lot more in their datamine than the Halloween event details, you can read it all on their Reddit post here. Below is a summary of their findings pertaining to the event and gen three Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Gen 3 & Halloween Details

  • A stunning new image (which appears in our article cover), which shows gen 3 Pokémon in a Halloween-type setting. Check it out in full here.
  • A new designation for HALLOWEEN_2017 has appeared.
  • The entry "mapHalloweenNightMusic" which suggests a new map and music.
  • Further investigation of the music files showed a Lavender Town night theme.

Given the previous datamine of the same patch that revealed generation 3 Pokémon details, and with the new image and Halloween event details I think it's safe to assume Trainers will get a spooky treat with some new Raid bosses to take down and Pokémon to hunt.

Source: The Sliph Road Reddit

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