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Battlefield 1 October Update and 15th Anniversary: What you need to know

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EA DICE detailed the Battlefield October update, and there's a lot of changes coming to the game. The first major change is that the 40-player option for Operations servers have been disabled, and will now only have the 64-player option. With this, EA DICE hopes to ensure better matchmaking for the fan-favourite mode. Operations are also now part of the server browser.

The rest of the October update includes a long list of bug fixes, changes and tweaks to weapons, vehicles, gadgets, maps and modes. The update is mandatory for all Battlefield 1 players. For Battlefield's 15-anniversary celebrations EA will be running two in-game events.

15 Years of Battlefield

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Battlefield 1 October Patch Notes - Specializations & Assignments

  • The Concealed Rescue Specialization has been changed and no longer deploys smoke automatically on a downed squadmate. For smoke to be deployed on a downed squadmate, a squad mate with the Specialization must now spot the downed player.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stimulant Syringe Specialization where the revived soldier would not receive the sprint boost.
  • Fixed an issue with Healing Hands Challenge #1 "Heal 10 Different Squad Members". It is now cumulative and tracks between matches.
  • Fixed issues where Soldier Assignment progress was not being displayed properly.

Battlefield 1 October Patch Notes - Weapons & Gadgets

  • Changed the Ottoman Standard Issue Rifle from the Martini-Henry to the G98. This is more historically accurate and should be a better matchup against the British SMLE.
  • Increased Tripwire-HE blast damage from 80 to 85, enough to score an Assist Counts As Kill against an enemy with the Flak Specialization.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing a smoke grenade would prevent the thrower from performing other actions for a short time.
  • Changed mid-length Parabellum (25-50 left) reload from 6.75 to 6.85 to match animation position. 
  • Fixed an issue where 3P Bayonet Charge VO could be cut off if the charge started immediately after the ability recharged.
  • Added missing emblem to FA Automatic Rifle.   
  • Fixed an issue where no audio would play for automatic weapons in single fire mode for 3P soldiers.   
  • Fixed grenade resupply audio.   
  • Added Press or Hold option for Bayonet Charge.

Battlefield 1 October Patch Notes - Vehicles

  • Fixed overly bright mane and tail on horses in Tsaritsyn cathedral.   
  • Both gunners of Ilya Muromets now show hit markers when hitting enemy players.   
  • The Assault Truck's sensitivity is now affected by sensitivity options.   
  • Fixed an issue where 3P enemy footsteps could be heard too loudly when the local player was in a vehicle.   
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade throw emote from a soldier inside the Putilov-Garford Armored car could be heard from very far away.   
  • Selecting a friendly soldier or vehicle in the deploy screen will now show their current health as a circular bar around the selected icon.   
  • Fixed an issue where bomber weapons were inaudible from 3P camera in seat 1 of large bombers.   
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players in a squad spawning in a plane controlled by a squad member if the plane was outside of the soldier combat area.

Battlefield 1 October Patch Notes - Maps & Modes

  • Brusilov Keep: Fixed issue where players could spawn in fire.   
  • Fixed an issue with Mother Voice Over on Operations Globe screen.   
  • Fixed an issue where English was playing instead of Localized MX and SA languages for Mountain Fort Defender Loss VO.   
  • Fixed occluding issues with factory ruin pillars in Tsaritsyn.   
  • Enabled damage on barbed wire close to capture point D on Galicia in Conquest.   
  • Fixed floating dirt mounds around the train wreck on Volga River.   
  • Operation Brusilov Offensive's final rating is now correctly rated out of 24 instead of 30.   
  • Fixed an issue where Operations were geographically misplaced.   
  • Removed vehicles from Back to Basics Conquest game type.   
  • Fixed flickering bright snow on Galicia.   
  • Echoes activated in Lupkow Pass.   
  • Fixed an issue where more than one piece of music could play during the briefing of an Operation.   
  • Removed Elite pickups from Domination.   
  • Removed Elite pickups from Team Deathmatch.   
  • Updated Red Tide Operation transitional announcer VO for 5 localized languages.   
  • Updated localized VO for Red Tide Operation defender briefing.   
  • Fixed issue where a player would change to the enemy team while playing Frontlines during a match.   
  • Added additional Russian "self" VO.   
  • Fixed a red background used for the White Army in Operation Red Tide.   
  • Changed Conquest and Domination "You are winning/You are losing" lines to only trigger when teams are close enough (in tickets) to catch up.   
  • Fixed an issue where Hero Kit introductions were not shown properly on Verdun Heights in Operation Devil's Anvil.   
  • Fixed an issue where Pre-End-of-Round music and UI would not be triggered in the final minute of Frontlines gameplay if players were contesting a flag.   
  • Fixed an issue where female war cry was heard on German and Austro-Hungarian teams during Operations games.   
  • Removed invisible collision near the French spawn in Soissons.    Fixed a crash that could occur in the Operations game mode.

Battlefield 1 October Patch Notes - General

  • Improved culling on player heads.   
  • When the video options motion blur amount is set to 0%, turning the motion blur system off entirely gains some graphics performance.   
  • Added options to turn off the Chromatic Aberration (camera lens causing colour fringing along high contrast edges) and Photographic Film Grain Noise post-processing effects.   
  • Fixed the issue where the gameplay options for controlling the visibility of the world icons for the enemy and friendly soldiers were not working properly.   
  • Fixed an issue that could cause server lag by disabling certain debug features.   
  • Improved server fps warning icon analysis and alert.   
  • Players will now be unable to exploit the request order at the end of a round to become Squad Leader in the next round.   
  • Allow player rank to be displayed in in-game scoreboard on password protected servers.   
  • Added key bindings for Bayonet Charge (separate from Melee key binding).

Battlefield 1 October Patch Notes - RSP

  • Server admins will now have the ability to move players between teams.

Source: Battlefield Official

While many Battlefield 1 players are happy about the removal of the 40-player option, I cannot but wonder if it was the right decisions for players from countries like South Africa with a much smaller player base. What says our Battlefield 1 community about the changes?

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