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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice accolades trailer tells the story of us all


Ninja Theory complied a unique accolades trailer for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. It doesn't boast all the near-perfect review scores from critics around the world, as is the standard thing to do. Instead, they've collected Senua Photo Mode screenshots from those who played the game, coupled with player's feedback about the game. The result is a pallet of human emotions, strung together to give voice to those things we've all felt but never had the words to describe.

It's as if this collective voice has given Hellblade the power to be more than just a video game played for entertainment. For many, it was the means by which they faced some inner demon, for some it gave hope, and for others it gave understanding. For all who contributed, and for many who played it showed that they were not alone, and they need not be ashamed.

"I was harassed by my own reflection in a mirror. So strange to see this all in a videogame," said one player. "Your game made me cry because it showed it was possible to understand me,"and "I don't have schizophrenia, but like most people, I do battle my own darkness."

"You got a message across that I never could," is one of the most important sentences in the Hellblade accolades video. It shows that gaming can be so much more; it can be life-changing and meaningful, while at the same time still a good video game with stunning graphics and gameplay mechanics.

As I've said in my review of Hellblade, it became an interactive-self portrait, and the most important game I've ever played.

With Hellblade, Ninja Theory succeeded in putting words and pictures to something many people don't know how to express. They've taken a battle that happens in the mind, in the soul of man, and translated it into bytes in pixels to project that experience. Together with the actress, Melina Juergens who plays Senua, they've created a beautiful, meaningful work of art.

They've touched our collective psyche in a way very few games (if any) have ever been able to do and we owe them a depth of gratitude. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a gift. Playing it changes us, touches us deeply - if we let it. It binds victims together with that bond of understanding, and it enlightens with empathy those who have never understood such battles of the soul.

Today is World Mental Health Day, and Ninja Theory has pledged to give all proceeds from the sale of Hellblade today to UK Health mental health charity, Rethink. If you've not yet purchased the game, then today is that day. Grab it on Steam for PC, or from PSN for PlayStation 4, or directly from the official Hellblade website.

"the mental health community became a little stronger when Senua joined."

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"an interactive-self portrait"

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