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Pokémon GO datamine reveals gen 3 Pokémon details

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Yesterday, we talked about the new Pokémon GO update that rolled out for iOS and Android devices. It fixed various important bugs like the curve ball issue, as well as added a few quality of life fixes. The Silph Road, however, did a datamine of the update and discovered some very interesting things pertaining to generation 3 Pokémon.

The Silph Road explains their findings in a Reddit post:

"Some Pokemon in each Generation bend the rules of how typical Pokemon are classified. Examples of this are Ditto, Unown, shinies, and thanks to Niantic's approach, party hats and other event-specific variants," explains the post. "In Pokemon GO, special species that have variants have what are called "forms." Before Unown could launch in-game, its 'forms' were added to the APK."

They then give a detailed list of the new "forms" discovered in the Android update 0.77.1

Deoxys: where all 4 of its forms have been added:

  • Normal Form
  • Attack Form
  • Defense Form
  • Speed Form

Castform: which has had 4 forms added:

  • Normal 
  • Sunny
  • Rainy
  • Snowy

There has been no official indication from Niantic about when Trainers can expect to begin catching generation 3 Pokémon, but at least now we know they're getting closer. The next officially confirmed Pokémon GO update will be some kind of in-game event to celebrate Halloween.

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