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Top 10 worst microtransactions in video games

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It has been a hot topic for a few weeks now, these in-game purchases that we should totally not be paying for but do anyway. This week's top 10 is all about exposing those games that really take advantage of us and worst of all, our pockets. From the recently released Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Forza Motorsport 7, to some very controversial games of the past like Evolve, Train Simulator, and World of Tanks. 

All the games on this list blatantly offer ridiculous in-game purchases to unlock certain cosmetic items and dare I say gear and XP boost that turn these microtransactions into pay-to-win methods. Sure, they are completely optional, but why should you have to pay for a game that was pretty expensive, and then some rich kid comes along and unlocks everything, giving him the upper hand in online matches. Not fair right? Take a look at 10 of the worst games I have experienced that take advantage of microtransactions. 

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