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The Dota 2 Midas Game Mode tournament kicks off next month

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There is nothing quite like watching professional Dota 2 teams duke it out in a massive eSports tournament. I am still feeling the excitement of The International 2017 inside of me even though it came to a conclusion in August.

Now, a new challenge for professional teams is coming next month, and it is called the Midas Mode tournament created by The tournament will run from 18 to 28 November and looks incredible – like something we have never seen in professional Dota 2. The video explaining the game mode, which you can view at the bottom of this article, asks: “When will they make a tournament for adults with a hint of class.”

Well, the Midas Mode tournament might be just what those who love economics are looking for. The Midas Mode is all about economy and will see teams managing their Moonbucks in certain ways. For example, each hero will cost a specific amount of Moonbucks, which is tied to how popular the hero is and how well it performs. Teams will have to draft carefully and remain in their budget because if they don’t and spend all their Moonbucks, they will be left with "a basket of peasants—the worst of the worst."

It is not only drafting heroes that will cost Moonbucks but a tonne of other things as well, like picking Dire or Radiant, banning heroes and more. Further, there will be community-suggested bounties for teams to try and attain and the teams involved will also get to bet their Moonbucks on matches that they don’t participate in. It might sound silly to some, but when you look at the line-up of professional teams that will participate, it will definitely be a must-watch.

The Teams:

  • Evil Geniuses
  • OG
  • Team Liquid
  • Immortals
  • Na’Vi
  • Digital Chaos
  • OpTic
  • Mid or Feed

I, for one, will be tuning in to all the action, as it does sound like an incredibly fun tournament for Dota 2 spectators to watch.

Check out the video below explaining how the Midas Mode tournament will work below and then tell us what you think about it in the comment section.

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