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Clash Royale’s upcoming game mode is both exciting and completely different

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In Clash Royale, developed by mobile giant Supercell, it has always been about destroying your opponent’s towers. Supercell has now announced a brand-new game mode, called Touchdown, and it is completely different than anything we have seen in the game before.

As you have probably guessed from the image above, it is an American football type game mode and it looks super fun to play. There are no towers, no bridges, so how do you score crowns? By scoring touchdowns of course! You need to get to your opponent’s end zone with any troop and at the end of the match, the player with the most crowns wins.

If there is a tie, the game goes into sudden death mode, where the first player to score a crown wins. What is even more exciting is that the new Touchdown game mode will release with the game’s next update. At the time of writing there isn’t a specific release date, but as you can see in the video at the bottom of this article, it already looks fully playable.

Since the game’s release early last year, I’ve been addicted to it, playing it whenever I had the chance, even at social events. Clash Royale is, without a doubt, one of the best and most addictive mobile games I have played. It is highly competitive and focuses on eSports, with a recent example being the Crown Championship which boasts a total prize pool of over $1 million (over R13.5 million).

This new mode could very well be another great addition to the game, especially in the eSports section, as it looks extremely skill-based and it is definitely a joy to watch.

Check out 2 hours of footage for the new touchdown mode as eight of the most famous Clash content creators compete in a Touchdown tournament, then tell us what you think about the new game mode in the comment section below.

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