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Overwatch update brings Junkertown, Mercy overhaul and lots more


Overwatch's latest patch is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and brings with it the brand new Escort map, Junkertown, as well as the Mercy overhaul, some D,Va changes, and other bug fixes and updates.

As we've already explained, Overwatch's Junkertown is "The Best Thing Ever" and just the thing the game needs to call deserters back to the Watch. Junkertown is ruled by "The Queen" and was once home to our two favourite heroes, Roadhog and Junkrat. Players will push a payload filled with riches from our aforementioned heroes that they collected on their travels. Your journey begins at the former Mako Rutledge farm. Yes, Roadhog was an Australian farmer.

While I can't wait to play Junkertown, it's the Mercy overhaul that has me most excited.

The New Mercy

Blizzard's overhaul is two-fold; to force Mercy players to engage in the conflict, and secondly, to eliminate the frustration of playing against her. "While resurrecting downed allies is a core part of Mercy’s gameplay, the way her Ultimate functioned was causing a number of problems," explains Blizzard. "It was frustrating to play against, and it incentivized Mercy players to hide away from important battles, instead of taking part in them."

Resurrect (Formerly Mercy's Ultimate ability)

  • Ability now targets a single player, instead of every player within a radius
  • Radius reduced to 5 meters
  • Ability cooldown is 30 seconds
  • Mercy is no longer granted invulnerability while Resurrect is active

Valkyrie (New Ultimate Ability)

  • Valkyrie unleashes the full power of Mercy’s Valkyrie suit, enhancing her weapons and abilities for 20 seconds
  • Caduceus Staff: Mercy's healing and damage boost beams now affect all allies near the targeted teammate, and the staff's effective range has been extended
  • Caduceus Blaster: Now has infinite ammo and increased projectile speed
  • Guardian Angel: Increased range and movement speed
  • Resurrect: Cooldown is instantly reset when Valkyrie is activated and reduced to 10s after the initial cast
  • Hover: Mercy gains the ability to fly freely, at increased movement speed
  • Regeneration (Passive): No longer interrupted when Mercy takes damage

Other important changes to Overwatch

  • D.Va updates include a new weapon called Micro Missiles, as well as the ability to fire while flying. To counter this buff her defence matrix depletes twice as fast, but her energy reg is faster.
  • If you're an Xbox One player, and you've been branded as "Avoid Me" then you'll no longer be able to use voice chat while in-game.
  • Reinhardt's camera angles have expanded whilst holding his shield.
  • Bug fixes to Deathmatch, Heroes, Maps, and the UI.

You can check out the detailed patch notes here. We've tested the new Mercy as well as the D.Va changes in the Overwatch PTR, you can check it out in the video below. The new Mercy seems a lot of fun to play, but her changes will have a major impact on the game.

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