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Fortnite gets a PUBG-inspired Battle Royale mode

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Fortnite developer, Epic Games, has been working on a secret project, and today they finally unveiled it - a Battle Royale mode. Creative Director Donald Mustard explains, "At Epic we're huge fans of the Battle Royale genre, and games like PUBG, H1Z1, and we thought that Fortnite was the perfect world to build one in."

  • Test server now open
  • Release: Early Access on September 26
  • 100-player Battle Royale, PvP last man standing
  • One giant map

As you probably know, we are great fans of Fornite and will bring you our impressions of the new mode as soon as possible. "So we thought that if we take Fortnite's dynamic, destructible world, and its unique building mechanic, and then combine that what's best about the Battle Royale genre, that we could create something that is amazing," continues Mustard. "Fornite Battle Royale is a 100-player, last man standing, PvP experience you know so well, but combined with the limitless world of Fortnite."

Fortnite.jpg FBR_SniperFort_1505215291.jpg Night_HouseOnHill_1505215284.jpg

The resemblance to PlayerUnknown's Battleground is obvious right from the starting point as players join the world from a Battlebus air jump. You start the journey with only a wire and pickax, and from there it's surviving, constructing and fighting until only one remain.

All Fortnite players who want to try out the Battle Royale Mode can join the public test servers today. The game is currently in Early Access mode and will release with a free-to-play business model on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018.

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