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Half-Life 3 script modded and now fully playable

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While it is pretty clear that another meteor will probably collide with Earth before we ever get to play the next entry in the Half-Life series, modders are trying their hardest to bring the experience to life in order to let gamers all over the world play the unconfirmed game. What is the most important part of a game you ask? Well, it all starts with a script and luckily the modders have one since the Half-Life 3 (or Half-Life 2: Episode 3 if you will) script was released a while back by none other than the writer himself Marc Laidlaw

What this all means is that thanks to the script being out in the wild and the ability to read it and know what is happening in the story, the foundations were there for modders to bring this to life as much as possible. Tiger Team, the guys behind the Half-Life 3 Story Mod worked hard to make sure that the game was as good as an actual release, and the video which showcases the gameplay looks pretty good in my opinion. Sure, it does not have the Valve sticker on it, but right now we are pretty much in a position where we cannot complain.

The modded story has great voice acting as well as some action sequences that bring the script to life, and if you are hard up for another Half-Life experience, then give it a go. If you would rather watch the entire thing from start to finish then take a look at the video below. Installation and download of the mod can be found on Team Tiger's page too. 

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