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Discuss: Call of Duty: WWII preorder bonus permanently unlocks any weapon on Day One

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A few hours ago, Sledgehammer Games and Activision detailed the preorder bonuses for Call of Duty: World War II, and it will have a significant effect on the battlefield - but will it be bad or good for the game?

Everyone who pre-orders Call of Duty: WWII will unlock their favourite weapon on Day One, and it will remain available permanently. Activision also confirmed that the bonuses will apply to any pre-order already placed for the game.

Call of Duty: WWII - Multiplayer pre-order bonuses

  • Weapons Token to unlock any weapon of your choice on day one
  • Multiplayer double XP

If I understand correctly, then players will be able to trade the token for any weapon. That means the moment you step on the battlefield you can have your gun of choice in your hands. It's a way to level the playing field, and for once, it might be worth it to preorder the game.

Players have always unlocked better weapons as they progress through Call of Duty games, but that's changing in World War II. Do you think the decision is a good or a bad thing? Personally, I think it's a good incentive, at least a very meaningful one that has a real impact on your game.

It's always frustrating to compete in a multiplayer game when you start off with the disadvantage of an inferior weapon. Players have to rush through content and play as much as possible in the hopes of unlocking a better weapon that will give them an edge over their competitors. For me, that mad rush has always taken some of the enjoyment away when I play a multiplayer game where success partially depends on the weapon in your hands.

A great weapon doesn't, of course, compensate for lack of skill, but it does level the playing field somewhat - for those who pre ordered at least. On the other hand, it will also have the exact opposite result for players who didn't preorder Call of Duty: World War II. If you didn't opt for the incentive, then you'll be at a great disadvantage when you finally do play the game.

Call of Duty: World War II's preorder bonus is, therefore, a double-edged sword as it cuts both ways - it's good and bad for the game. It's also a very clever way to motivate people to order because if you don't you know you'll be at a disadvantage the moment you step onto the battlefield.

It seems the choice now is not whether you should preorder Call of Duty: WWII, but which gun is the most powerful, or the best for overall performance. Smart move Activision, smart move. What do you think, is the Call of Duty: WWII preorder bonuses a good or a bad thing for the game?

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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"choice now is not whether you should preorder Call of Duty: WWII, but which gun is the most powerful"

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