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Niantic talks about what's next for Pokémon GO

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According to Niantic, the Pokémon GO adventure has only just started, and they have a lot more features in store for Trainers. The company recently sat down with Bloomberg to discuss their plans for the game. The Pokémon Company's Chief Executive Officer, Tsunekazu Ishihara, confirmed to Bloomberg that players have so far only experienced around 10% of what Niantic wants to accomplish with Pokémon GO.

“We’ve only accomplished 10 percent of what Pokémon and Niantic are trying to do, so going forward we will have to include fundamental Pokémon experiences," explains Ishihara.

Only 10% is a bit on the small side if you ask me, and it sounds more like a sales pitch than actual fact, but time will tell if Ishihara's claim is correct. Some of the features Niantic plans to roll out include:

  • Pokémon trading
  • Peer-to-peer battles

If I understand correctly, then Niantic is committed to investing in the future of Augmented Reality games, and the Pokémon GO we're currently playing will differ greatly from the one Trainers will play in the future. Ishihara explained that they plan to develop the technology to the point where Pokémon will appear to be more interactive with the surroundings, and be able to do things like jump on objects and react to a situation.

Considering the above, then I can imagine that Niantic still has a lot to offer Pokémon GO Trainers.

“Depending on location, there are many Pokémon with different characteristics. So what do we do with those and the real world? One view is to have chilly Pokémon in a cold climate, but then that would also mean that people born on a tropical island won’t be able to catch them," continues Ishihara. "So we are always thinking of how to find the right balance between game design, how our Pokémon should exist, and how players feel about their collections.”

Ishihara also talked about the upcoming Pokémon game for the Switch. Nintendo wants the experience to be "deeper" and with a "higher level of expression."

Do you think the Pokémon GO craze is over or was year one just the beginning of something much greater?

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