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Rumour: Bethesda is working on an open-world Game of Thrones videogame

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Game of Throne season 7 concluded last night with a bang, and what better news to wake up to this morning than the possibility that Bethesda might be working on a Game Of Thrones videogame.

We've known for some time now that Bethesda is working on at least two as yet unannounced games, and it now seems that one of those titles could be an open-world Game of Thrones game. In February this year, Bethesda Game Director, Todd Howard told IGN that these two projects are bigger than anything they've ever attempted, as well as "kind of different."

When it comes to open-world, role-playing games, Bethesda is king, and given the scale of Games of Thrones, one can just imagine the potential of such a game. But let's get back to where the leak originated from.

Online retailer, Target, listed "Bethesda: Game of Thrones" on their website, which has since been removed. Over the past few years, Target has accurately leaked upcoming games before the official announcements; Middle-earth: Shadow of War being the latest example. Target did get some of the details wrong, but the leak was mostly spot on.

I would love to play a deeply layered Game of Thrones RPG, Telltale's edition was more like a tease than what fans of the series expect in a video game; something in the vein of Skyrim would do more justice to George R. R. Martin's series. Open-world, role-playing and fantasy games are what Bethesda excels in, so I for one hope the rumour turns out to be true.

Don't watch the video below if you haven't yet seen the season finale of Game of Thrones.

Source: NeoGAF

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