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Valve reveals two new Dota 2 heroes set to release in the Dueling Fates update

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At The International 2017’s Main Event, Valve took the opportunity to reveal two new heroes coming to Dota 2 in the Dueling Fates update. A reveal of a new hero was expected, but I don’t think many fans expected two heroes to be revealed at once.

The first hero revealed looks like a swashbuckling Pangolin-inspired character and will very likely be a melee agility hero with something along the line of a roll ability. Further, the video reveal (which you can view below) shows the character attacking Bristleback from behind and cutting off his spikes, which could indicate the ability to break passives.

Secondly, a character that could be Sylph appeared in the video. We don’t see her in action at all, but you probably know that there was a leak earlier this month naming her possible abilities. The information from the datamine suggests the names of the hero’s four abilities are:

  • Grapple
  • Shadow Realm
  • Flash Powder
  • Will-O-Wisp

There is no indication when the heroes will release and what else could be in the Dueling Fates update. However, according to Team Secret’s manager, Matthew Bailey, Valve would like to “move a lot quicker on new hero development”. - Source

At last year’s The International, Valve revealed the Monkey King, the first hero not in the original 132. When the Dueling Fates update hits, Dota 2 will have 135 heroes in total. We simply can’t wait to test out the new heroes and see how they could change the meta down the line.

What do you think about the two new heroes and what do you think their abilities and roles will be? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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