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The International 2017's Main Event – Five remain with a shot at esports glory and the Aegis

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The International 2017 is coming to an end this weekend and we can't be more excited. On 12 August at 22:00 PM, the Grand Finals will get underway with and we will see one team lift the Aegis of Champions. Newbee’s Faith is the only player remaining that can become a repeat champion, while others are looking for their first The International win.

Depending on which team you are rooting for, last night was either heartbreaking or a massive relief, as three elimination matches took place. Now, only five teams remain, all with one goal in mind: The biggest prize pool in esports history, with over $10.6 million going to the winning team as well as the coveted Aegis of Champions.

Everyone and I do mean everyone, should watch The International 2017’s conclusion this weekend. Even if you aren’t a fan of Dota 2, the newcomer stream will help you understand what is going on, as it is truly an esports spectacle not to be missed.

Spoiler Alert: Below the All-Star video is the day 5 schedule, the videos of each game played on Day 4 so you can watch all the matches and then the results, then lastly, I’ve got my Fantasy Roster picks for you for Day 5.

Not only did we see some of the best matches of the tournament so far yesterday and tonight’s matches are sure to be stunning as well, but the All-Star match also took place. The All-Star match this year was, just like every other year, a joy to watch and if you don’t have time to watch anything else, I would suggest checking it out below.

Yes, the players battled it out for a big block of cheese and $100 000. Glorious!

Main Event Day 5 schedule

  • LB Round 4 on 11 August at 19:00 PM – Invictus Gaming versus LGD Gaming
  • Winner’s Bracket finals on 11 August at 22:00 PM – Newbee versus LGD Forever Young
  • LB Round 5 on 12 August at 01:00 AM – Team Liquid versus the winner of Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming

All day Main Event Day 4 matches

If you’ve got some time and want to watch all the matches from last night, we’ve got you covered. You can watch all the spectacular matches below, but fair warning for OG fans, the OG versus LGD Gaming match is heartbreaking, just like I suspect every other team loss is for fans.

Team Liquid versus Team Empire game 1

Team Liquid versus Team Empire game 2

OG versus LGD Gaming game 1

OG versus LGD Gaming game 2 versus Team Liquid game 1 versus Team Liquid game 2 versus Team Liquid game 3

The Day 4 Results

If you don’t have time to watch all the matches, you can simply check out the results below:

  • Team Liquid 2 – 0 Team Empire
  • LGD Gaming 2 – 0 OG
  • Team Liquid 2 – 1

My Fantasy Roster picks

As I suspected yesterday, Team Liquid did defeat Team Empire and went on to take down in a thrilling series. However, I did take a bit of a safety net with a Resolut1on pick yesterday, which meant I couldn’t get maximum points. Today is a bit different, as I am going all in on Invictus Gaming, a team which has my favourite Carry player of all time, BurNIng.  

Fantasy picks.jpg

Click on the image for a better view of the player cards

As you can see, I’m all in on Invictus Gaming, since either they are LGD Gaming are the two teams who can play two matches tonight, depending on which one wins. Even though LGD Gaming did manage to eliminated OG, my favourites to win the entire tournament yesterday, OG didn’t seem at their best and LGD Gaming still struggled to close out the matches. Therefore, I am hoping that Invictus Gaming will turn up the heat and defeat LGD Gaming.  

Lastly, the Short Film Contest winner was announced last night as well, with the winner receiving $25 000 in prize money. It’s an awesome video, to say the least, and was voted as the best by the community, so check it out below and tell us who you think will win The International 2017 or just share your Fantasy Roster with us in the comment section.

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