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Overwatch gets new Deathmatch game mode

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Things are busy at Overwatch HQ; a few days ago the 2017 Summer Games kicked off and we're having a ball of a time, and now Blizzard announced a new game mode to release in the Arcade. Yes, Deathmatch is coming!

Game Director, Jeff Kaplan takes us through what we can expect. If you've been following Blizzard's stance on this game mode, then you know that they've previously outright rejected it because Overwatch is a team-based game and well, in Deathmatch it's (mostly) all about you. So what's changed? Arcade allows Blizzard to add game modes that they normally wouldn't want to add to Quick Play and Competitive.

What you can expect from Overwatch Deathmatch

  • Special Deathmatch scoreboard to keep track kills.
  • Two ways to play Deathmatch
  • Mode one is a free-for-all mode; you vs. seven other players. Play any of the available Heroes
  • The top half players in each Deathmatch contest (top four), get a win credit towards the Arcade Loot Box count.
  • Some of the Assault, Hybrid and Escort maps have been modified to suit Deathmatch.
  • Brand new Deathmatch map releasing built specifically for the free-for-all mode.
  • The Deathmatch map has a new story (WIdowmaker-focused), with cool art and all the Overwatch bling.
  • Mode 2 is Team Deathmatch - 6vs.6 with a first to 30 kills win mechanic.
  • Mercy comes into play with Team Deathmatch as her resurrect takes away skill credit from the opposing team.
  • Team Deathmatch uses a different pool of maps - Arena maps and modified CTE maps

It sounds like a very fun mode, and I would love to have a MWEB GameZone Team Deathmatch face-off against another local gaming site. You can currently test Overwatch Deathmatch in the PTR.

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