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If you're not yet a member of Origin Access for PC, or EA Access for Xbox One, then this is your reason to become a subscriber. For only R48.50 per month, or R299 per year you can play the best of EA for free. A quick look at the Vault shows the likes of Battlefield 1, Titanfall, FIFA 17, and lots more. You also get to try out games before it releases - for free with the Origin or Access Play First Trials, and you get 10% discount on new releases. Last time it saved me from paying R1000 for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

But let's get back to the latest addition to the Vault; experience the dawn of all-out-war with Battlefield 1. It's an exceptional game and one of the best first-person shooters I've ever played online. On the multiplayer side you can face off or team up with fellow South Africans, while on the single-player side with "War Stories" you can journey with different soldiers through their experience of World War 1. EA DICE regularly tweaks the battlefield as well as adds new maps, and I also highly recommend the Premium Pass because yes, the game is that good.

In short, with Battlefield 1 EA DICE delivered the first-person shooter game fans have been waiting for. "Swarm the field in massive battles with up to 64 players, charging in as infantry, cutting through enemy lines as cavalry, or thinning out resistance from a distance. Fight in a series of interconnected multiplayer battles in Operations mode, where attackers must break through the defense’s line and push the conflict onward across multiple maps," announced EA. "Fight across besieged French cities, the great expanses of the Italian Alps, and harsh Arabian desert sands. Turn the tide with powerful vehicles, from tanks to biplanes, along with Behemoths like the gargantuan Airship, the Armored Train, or the Dreadnought. Varied soldier classes allow for incredible team play and coordinated assaults, along with the show-stopping Elite classes that can help shift the momentum of battle."

Your other reason to join EA or Origin Access is the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront II in November, just do it now to enjoy some action on Battlefield 1. If you're still unconvinced, then check out the video below of all the yet to release EA games - which you'll unlock with the aforementioned benefits via EA and Origin Access.

Source: Battlefield Official

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