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The International 2017's Main Event - Upsets, redemption and stunning Chinese Dota

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It has been a whirlwind ride in The International 2017’s Main Event Day 2 and 3. For Dota 2 fans, it is the biggest event of the year and for esports fans in general, it is history in the making, with the best teams in the world fighting for the biggest prize pool ever. With so much at stake, some teams have crumbled, while others have stood strong under immense pressure.

The biggest story coming from the last two days was, of course, one of the fan-favourite teams, Evil Geniuses, getting knocked out. Evil Geniuses fell to Team Empire in the Lower Bracket Tuesday evening, and for some fans, it still stings.

Yesterday evening, my favourite team and four-time Major winners, OG, redeemed themselves as they took down TNC Pro Team in the Lower Bracket. Last year, TNC knocked OG out of the tournament in that same Lower Bracket Round 2, but this year, OG prevailed in spectacular fashion and they are looking stronger than ever.

Newbee defeated Invictus Gaming 2-1 in the Winner’s Semi Finals, while LGD Forever Young defeated 2-0 in the other Winner’s Semi Finals. As both Newbee and LFY are now in the Winner’s Final, it is a certainty that a Chinese team will be in this year’s Grand Finals. All the remaining eight teams are guaranteed just over $600 000 in prize money, but there is no doubt that everyone wants the top prize, a mind-blowing $10.6 million and counting.

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Before we get to the schedule, there is also some other news that came from The International 2017. Valve announced a new CCG in the Dota universe, but it doesn’t look like fans are too happy about it. Further, Pudge won the Arcana vote against Rubick.

Main Event Day 4 schedule

  • LB Round 3 on 10 August at 19:00 PM – Team Liquid versus Team Empire
  • LB Round 3 on 10 August at 22:00 PM – OG versus LGD Gaming
  • LB Round 4 on 11 August at 01:00 AM – versus either Empire or Liquid

Day 4 of the Main Event is sure to deliver some extremely exciting matches. Keep in mind that those who win the LB Round 3 games will bolster their guaranteed prize pool with roughly $480 000, so the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Some difficult Fantasy Roster picks

Today is the most difficult day for Fantasy Roster picks so far, as we simply don’t know which teams will prevail from the LB Round 3. The team who does make it to the LB Round 4 will, of course, play two matches tonight, so you want all your fantasy picks from the team that will be playing two for maximum points.      

fantasy picks TI 2017.jpg

Click on the image for a better view of my picks

As you can see from my picks, I believe that Team Liquid will prevail in the LB Round 3 match, so for maximum points (if my prediction is correct), my Fantasy Roster is mostly Team Liquid players, except for one. Resolut1on has been one of the top Fantasy Point earners throughout The International, so I put him in, just in case Team Empire beats Liquid as a bit of a safety net.  

Lastly, there is something interesting for fans who don’t know.  We have a chance of a repeat The International champion, as Newbee’s Faith and OG’s S4 are the two remaining players at the tournament who have previously claimed the Aegis of Champions for themselves.

Who do you think will prevail in the Lower Bracket matches today and who will fall? Let us know in the comment section below and share your Fantasy Roster picks with us.

ICYMI: Watch the Day 3 stream as uploaded by the official Dota 2 YouTube channel below.

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