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Extra Premier Ball for all as Niantic works to fix Pokémon GO raid bug

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If you've been trying, but failing to catch especially the new legendary Pokémon because suddenly you weren't getting that last Premier Ball during a Raid, then fear not, Niantic is working on fixing the bug. While time is slipping away to catch Zapdos, Niantic decided to include a little something extra for everyone to help Trainers catch em all.

"We are actively working to resolve an issue where the Raid Boss always breaks free from the last Premier Ball available," announced Niantic in the latest Known Issues update. " To counteract the effects of this issue, Pokémon GO will temporarily grant an extra Premier Ball in the Bonus Challenge." Some Trainers are high above such issues, as the two who caught the previous legendary, Moltres showed last week.

Not receiving the last Premier Ball isn't the only Raid issue, other bugs crept in like the app becoming unresponsive when you use potions, remote viewing a favoured Pokémon at a gym causing it to become unfavoured, and dodging causing a battle to become unresponsive. The last important issue relates to Gyms you control bonus. "During a Raid Boss encounter, Trainers should receive two bonus Premier Balls when they have a Pokémon assigned to a Gym that their team controls," continued Niantic. "We are aware that this functionality is not working as intended."

You can check out the list of latest Pokémon GO issues here.

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