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Overwatch Summer Games 2017: All the skins and Lucioball gameplay

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The Overwatch Summer Games are back, returning from last year the summer games event of 2017 brings back all the amazing skins that people missed at half the price as well as some new awesome skins for Junkrat, Mercy, Soldier 76, McCree, Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra. Ana also received new summer games themed emote while Pharah and Hanzo both got awesome highlight intros. 

Returning to the summer games is also the fan favourite Lucioball with slight tweaks and improvements, as well as an exciting competitive Lucioball mode. Take a look at all the new skins and cosmetics in the video below and let us know what you thought about the event as well as which of the skins you liked the most. Full details of the event can be viewed here

Before we get into the new Lucioball game mode changes, take a look at all the awesome skins and cosmetic items which you can grab for a limited time.


Overwatch's very own Lucioball is back this year and better than ever, with changes and tweaks to the gameplay it makes for a much better gaming experience. This year you can say goodbye to booping the enemy team and using your ultimate ability to suck the ball towards you, instead, Blizzard removed the ability to use your abilities on any enemy player to make it a more fun and arcade type of game mode. 


Your ultimate ability now increases the speed of Lucio and drastically reduces the cooldowns, giving you the power to make your way across the field in style and put the ball in the back of the net. 

I played a couple of games and if I had to compare it to last years mode I would say that there is a major improvement. The mode is much less bugged, so no you cannot spawn in as a random hero and begin to kill everyone or place a teleporter down to troll. Lucioball gives the player a fun and fast paced arcade style experience that you could team up with 2 of your friends and go head to head with other players from around the world.

Copa Lucioball

This year Blizzard is bringing in a competitive version of Lucioball, which requires you to play 10 placement games in order to be ranked. You are also able to earn competitive points for winning games and being placed, just like the regular competitive mode, but the amount of CP you can earn is reduced. 

Overwatch_ Origins Edition_20170809144540.jpg

Take note that any leaver penalty you receive when playing the competitive version of Lucioball will carry out onto your main competitive profile and you will receive a leaver penalty, in forms of a suspension or a ban.

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