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Pokémon GO's next legendary released in the wild for a limited time

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Zapdos, the last of the generation one legendary Pokémon Niantic announced for release after the Pokémon GO Fest is now available to catch at a raid near you, and you don't have much time.

"The Legendary Pokémon Zapdos has been spotted in Pokémon GO!" announced Niantic via Twitter a few hours ago "Gather your friends and find a Legendary Raid Battle near you!"

Zapdos is Team Instinct's mascot, and was preceded by Articuno, and Moltres. I hope Zapdos provides a better challenge than its predecessor who was beaten by only tow top-tier Trainers! Moltres is a fire-type Pokémon, while Zapdos will, well, zapp you with some lightening as it is an electric-type Pokémon. As with Moltres, its best counter-attack is probably to use Golem again, but with a different combo.

Zapdos will be available to catch until August 14. I am very curious to see which legendary PokémonNiantic will allow to roam the wild next. Rumours suggest Ho-Oh, Mew and Mewtwo.

In other Pokémon GO news, Niantic recently announced that "some Pokémon rarely seen in Europe, including Kangaskhan and Unown, may begin appearing in certain European cities." The European event concludes on August 21, and is in preparation for the Safari event.

If you're planning on tracking down and catching Zapdos, then I suggest you watch the video below by Trainer Tips showing you how it's done. According to the video it's the very first Zapdos Raid. "It's easier to beat than Articuno, but not quite as easy as Moltres. Let's talk Zapdos counters, perfect IVs, and best movesets for the newest Legendary Bird in Pokémon GO!"

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