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Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar final 5 weapons leaked


From previous announcements, we know that Battlefield 1's second expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, will include a total of six new maps, and eleven new weapons. Six of the weapons have already been detailed, and according to a new post on Reddit, the remaining five have been uncovered in the Community Test Environment files.

Redditor BleedingUranium found the leak in a YouTube video posted by a German YouTuber. He then did some searching to match the Battlefield 1 footage to the actual weapons used in World War I. Below is his list of weapons as he matched it:

  1. Maxim SMG - German submachine gun
  2. General Liu rifle - Chinese semi-automatic rifle
  3. Perino Model 1908 - Italian machine gun
  4. Vetterli M1870 - Italian service rifle from
  5. Obrez - A type of handgun

Battlefield 1 guru, Westie, investigated a bit further and adds some more details to each of the five weapons from weapon stats he uncovered also in the CTE. You can check out his video at the end of the article. According to Westie, the Maxim SMG was an extremely rare weapon, and only a few ever existed. The General Liu rifle is a very "unexpected" addition for Medics, and is a "hybrid, bolt-action, semi-automatic weapon." The real General Liu could switch between the two modes, but it remains to be seen if EA DICE will make that feature available in Battlefield 1.

The Perino Model 1908 was originally designed as a stationary weapon, but a modified version produced a lighter version to be used as an assault weapon. Scouts could receive the Vetterli M1870 and it seems it could release in Battlefield 1 with two variants; infantry and carbine. Lastly, a gun for tankers and pilots, the Obrez, a weapon that is deadly on close range but near useless over longer distances.

In the Name of the Tsar releases in September and will be the "most extensive" Battlefield expansion to date.

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