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Star Wars Battlefront II - Meet the Hero of the Dark Side

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EA released a new video for Star Wars Battlefront 2 which takes us behind the scenes to the story of Commander Iden Versio, leader of the Dark Side's Black Ops team.

There are a few things that set Battlefront 2 apart from its predecessor; for one, it has a single-player campaign, and it also shows life from the perspective of an Imperial soldier. "I've always been a fan of the dark side," explains game director Mark Thompson. "The idea of an Imperial perspective; who they are as people, how the organisation works, how can we distill that, and make the story work around that."

Iden comes from a fiercely loyal Imperial family; her father is Admiral Garrick Versio of the Imperial Security Bureau, and her mother, an artist, serves the Empire through designing propaganda posters. In the trailer we see her on Endor where she witnesses the destruction of the second Death Star. She is faced with an extremely challenging moment - the death of the Emperor, and the annihilation of the Death Star 2.

Family plays an important role in Battlefront 2, and we'll see a lot of the dynamic between Iden and her father. "Everything in Star Wars is connected, and part of our job is to make sure the games we're making do connect back to that larger universe."

She's been trained to be an elite Empire soldier from a young age, and she has exceptional piloting skills. "Iden is a pilot of exceptional capability and stature. She’s an expert at coaxing the last ounce of potential performance from the fast but fragile TIE fighter. Her dogfighting skills are exceeded only by her aptitude for personal combat. With a deadliness honed by exquisite tutelage and lethal experience that belies her age, Iden is an intuitive, smart, and dangerous special forces soldier."

We meet her at the high point of her career as she is now the leader of Inferno Squad; "a small, secret cadre of expert commandos." We also meet some of her team mates, "Hask" is an orphan who seems even more zealous than Iden's father. He is uncompromising in his belief that the Imperial way is the only way, and is willing to push the boundaries to see it regain strength. The there's "Del" a solider who has seen more of the galaxy than most people in the Empire. He grew up during the time of the Jedi, and unlike Hask he is more of an easy going character.

"We have to take risks, we have to be bold, we have to push everyone's boundaries, and leave a good footprint behind, continues Thompson. What we've seen so far of the game from our time with it at E3, it promises to be the Star Wars game fans deserve.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases on November 17 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Star Wars Battlefront Official

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"we have to push everyone's boundaries, and leave a good footprint behind"

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