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Blizzard is working on an improved player punishment system for Overwatch


Overwatch is perfect in so many ways, but there's one aspect that's been a problem since day one, and it's still an issue for most players more than a year after release - the punishment/reporting system.

In March this year, Blizzard did a big update for the Overwatch reporting system - you can now even report a player for poor team work! It was a good update on a system that was clearly not working as well as Blizzard hoped. I've been playing the game since the beta, and so I've naturally done my share of reporting players - to date, I've never had any feedback from Blizzard about anyone I've reported - be it for a serious offense like online harassment, or possible cheating. No one knows what happens to they report. Do they get a warning from Blizzard? What if someone is a repeat offender? The lack of communication from Blizzard is frustrating to say the least.

What about players who deliberately leave a match - especially when it's in Competitive Play. We've all been there, and it's infuriating. We demand punishment for those leavers, and Blizzard does have measures in place to dish out said punishment. But it isn't enough, and Blizzard seems to agree.

Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, responded to a forum post about players who deliberately leave a match in order to throw it, that Blizzard is working on the punishment system. "There is a post coming about updates to the punishment system coming soon." I hope that update also improves the reporting system.

In other Overwatch news, Doomfist recently started his watch, and we've captured all his bling in a video for your viewing pleasure.

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