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Battlefield 1 Summer Missions Announced

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Earlier this week, EA DICE announced the Battlefield 1 Mission Tracker which is essentially a progress bar that helps players keep track of special mission objects that once completed earns a special Battlepack. Following that announcement, players can now partake in the Battlefield 1 Summer Missions with the reward of an exclusive melee weapon once all three missions have been completed.

"Revolution is coming. To let you get warmed up, we’ve prepared the Battlefield 1 Summer Missions. These missions are part of a chained series of challenges where we urge you to PTFO and be a team player, announced DICE. "Each mission comes with its own amazing Dog Tag reward and a Squad XP Boost for those who complete it. Succeed in all three and there’s an exclusive melee weapon in it for you: the LVC Arditi Knife. You can also expect another reward that we’re keeping secret for now…"

Battlefield 1 Summer Missions

  • Period: 15 - 23 July 2017
  • Call to Action Mission Objective: Play, complete, and win three full matches of Operations.
  • Call to Action Mission Rewards: Special Call to Action Dog Tag & Squad XP Boost
  • On completion of all Summer Missions: LVC Arditi Knife
  • Secret reward: TBA

You'll receive the Call to Action Dog Tag on July 31, and your Squad XP Boost anytime between 23 - 30 July. That's if you've successfully completed the mission objective.

Source: Battlefield Official

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