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5 of the best Doomfist combinations everyone should try

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So now that Doomfist has been on the PTR for a little while, we decided to try out 5 different team compositions that could work out well with the hero. I find it quite interesting when new heroes get released to see how they will fit into the game, and how people will utilise their skill set to benefit the team. We put together a few different teams which all revolve around Doomfist, from creating ultimate combos to breaking a choke point.

Try-Hard Dive Comp

This team composition consists of the fast pace in your face action gameplay. Being very reliant on diving in on enemy support heroes, taking them out and then cleaning up nicely before capturing the point. This team comp works very well against teams that consist of heroes that don't have a lot of mobility, leaving them having a hard time against a team that is so agile and can get in and out within a matter of seconds.

Try hard dive comp.jpg

This team consists of Doomfist, Tracer, D.va, Winston, Lucio, Zenyatta. With the power of the discord orb and Lucio's speed boost, it makes this teams chances of getting an instant pick or two very high. With the capabilities of Doomfist jumping in the back, accompanied by Winston and then Tracer tagging along, it will be a very hard push to counter and would require smart positioning by the support characters to make sure that they do not get picked off early, leaving the rest of the team one or two heroes down, almost guaranteeing the first team fight to be a loss.

Anti-Dive Comp 

This comp consists of a full team that is capable of halting the enemy team when they are running a dive comp, with the most important factor being communication and team synergy. Run well, it could possibly lead to a strong defensive hold and maybe a change in tactics from the enemy team to try and output more damage than the team can heal through. The downside of this team comp is that they are running solo heals with Lucio and relies on the self-sustaining heroes and health packs in order to make it work.

anti dive comp.jpg

The lineup for this team is Zarya, Reaper, Bastion, D.va, Doomfist, Lucio. With the power of Bastion and Reaper combined with the capabilities of D.Va's defence matrix, it should be more than enough damage to halt the enemy team and stop them in their tracks before they manage to jump in the back line and eliminate your support heroes. Zarya fits in really well and her protective barriers could save an ally that is in serious need of protection from any hero that is diving in on them. With the very little healing this team has, they can make it up by the amount of damage they can output, alongside the protection from the protective barriers and defence matrix, this makes a strong and impressive lineup.

Combo Comp 

Primarily designed for 2CP maps, this team composition is made to break hard choke points like point A on Hanamura, or Volskaya Industries. Assisted by the hacked health packs, Ana has the capabilities to keep her tanks alive while the rest of the team causes havoc with the many Ultimate combinations at their disposal. From the EMP - Graviton combo to the combo I like to call the "Meteor Surge" with Zarya and Doomfist combined this team packs a big punch.

Combo Comp.jpg

This team consists of Ana, Reinhardt, Zarya, Doomfist, Mei, Sombra. On paper, this composition seems very strong but requires a well structured and organised team that can communicate well in order for it to work.

The Payloaders

One of probably the most annoying and frustrating teams to come up against, designed to camp on top of the payload, setting up with a double shield, one being for the Torbjorn Turret, and the other being for the bastion.

The Payloaders.jpg

In order for the enemy team to counter this composition, they will need to work together to output a tonne of damage to break through both barriers while keeping the main damage dealer, Bastion, at bay. A team that is uncoordinated will struggle immensely to defend or attack against such a team without teamwork.

The Best Defence 

Designed to help your teammates stay alive for as long as possible in the hopes of defending a point fully so that the enemy team struggles to cap even the first tick, combined with the Orisa shield plus the Defense matrix of D.va, it puts forth a tough challenge for the enemy team.

The Best Defence.jpg

The power of Torbjorn's turret plus Symmetra's shield generator will help allies to stay alive for a while even under fire, giving them 75 armour + 75 Shield. The hero that benefits the most out of this composition is Doomfist, combined with his passive ability to generate shields when any of his abilities are used against an enemy almost makes him become a tank.

What do you think of these different team compositions and will they be fun to try out? let us know what you think about them.

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