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Rumour: App store leaks legendary Pokémon coming soon to Pokémon GO

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PVPLive reports that an image on the Indian App Store suggests that legendary Pokémon will soon appear in Pokémon GO. As you can see in the above image, the ad is bundled with the in-game anniversary event which saw Trainers catch Pikachu and hatch Pichu with Ash Ketchum’s famous hat. As I mentioned earlier, I found Pokémon GO's first birthday celebration to be an underwhelming affair (at least for in-game players), but at least it seems that Niantic still has a few surprises coming very soon.

From an earlier report, we know that Niantic's top brass is attending ACM Siggraph where they will release a rare Pikachu. According to various sources, it also looks like Niantic is busy testing level five Raids. An image on the Silph Road subreddit suggests the testing of said Raids, while comments confirm various level 5 raids springing up around California and the Pacific Coast.

But back to the supposed leak on the App Store. PVPLive talks about a second leak of the same image that appeared on the Singapore App Store - that image has since been removed. Niantic has been teasing the release of legendary Pokémon for a few months now, so it's very likely that Trainers will soon be able to catch the likes of Lugia, Mewtwo, and Zapdos.

Niantic sure knows how to keep the hype going with the proverbial carrot for Trainers to catch.

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