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Pokémon GO's anniversary celebration hides an ultra-cute surprise

Pichu pokemon GO with ash hat cute.jpg

Pokémon GO, the augmented-reality mobile sensation developed by Niantic Labs, turned one year old earlier this week. The game’s statistics revealed by Niantic shows immense revenue generated and that it has been downloaded 752 million times, but the in-game celebration for Pokémon GO’s birthday seemed a bit underwhelming.

That’s until you look into the eyes of the cutest thing you will ever see in the wilds of Pokémon GO – a Pichu with Ash Ketchum’s famous hat. Trainers have recently started reporting that they have hatched a Pichu with Ash’s hat and today, a local trainer on the Pokémon GO South Africa Facebook page also showed off the cute little rodent.

Pichu is, of course, the pre-evolution of Pikachu. The Gen 2 Pokémon is already one of, if not the cutest ever Pokémon, but with Ash Ketchum’s hat, it knows no equal in my opinion. Check out the image below, then put on your walking shoes and possibly a hat for good luck, because you can hatch from 2km eggs.    


Keep in mind that the in-game anniversary celebrations end on 24 July, so you have two more weeks to hatch as many 2km eggs as possible for a chance at the Pichu wearing Ash’s hat.

What do you think about the ultra-cute Pokémon and have you hatched one or know anyone who has? Let us know in the comment section below.  

Source: Reddit

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