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One year after launch and Pokémon GO passes $1.2 bn in revenue and 752 million downloads

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Pokémon GO might not be the phenomenon today that it was one year ago, but the stats are still extremely impressive. Gamasutra reports that that mobile game earned Niantic more than 1.2 billion in revenue, and according to a report by Apptopia (an App intelligence centre), Pokémon GO surpassed a whopping 752 million downloads. Further, VentureBeat reports that Pokémon GO earned a total of $950 million in revenue just for 2016.

Pokémon GO by the numbers

Early this morning, the official Pokémon GO Twitter account thanked its millions of players - yet no announcement of a special in-game event to celebrate its first anniversary. Maybe we'll get a big announcement later today. "Thanks for joining us for an amazing first year of #PokemonGO, Trainers! Tweet us your favorite Pokémon GO story."

We know that Niantic will make a big appearance at Siggraph where they will release a Rare Pikachu, but that's only in August, well after its anniversary - which should get a spectacular in-game event.

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