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5 reasons why we cannot wait to play Epic Games' Fortnite

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Back in 2011, Epic Games announced a new co-op sandbox survival game called Fortnite during the Spike Video Game Awards. Little did we know that the game was actually only three weeks in development when they announced it would require a good seven years of production to reach its final release. Fortnite can only be described as one of the most outrageous survival games ever made with its quirky look and feel, and its unique approach to the genre makes it something we have never played before.

With a genre so saturated by games like ARK, DayZ, Seven Days to Die and more, how do you fit your game into this industry and stand out? Well, you make a game called Fortnite. 

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Fortnite's gameplay revolves around players working together to scavenge items, which they can use to build a fort and defend themselves from these creatures who only appear at night, called Husks. These Husks were once human who is now infected and turned inside out. They wear their skin as hoodies and are your worst nightmare in the game.

During the day, you and your friends will run around in a huge open world and gather resources by smashing objects, and at night you will use those resources to defend your fort from the Husks. Can your survive 14 days without losing your mind, or worse, your lives? That is what Fortnite is all about. 

But wait, there is more! Fortnite has been on my radar since its reveal and as I am super excited to play it, I put together five reasons to maybe persuade you in the same direction. 

The world is gorgeous

Fortnite's maps and terrains are completely procedural, and if you don't know what that means in 2017, it means that every time you enter the world it will be different in some way or another. Houses will be placed in different locations, resources can be gained from different objects, and the Husks will come at your from different directions. 

This is pretty cool as it makes sure that every time you play the game it offers a different experience from the one before. It also means that you cannot become accustomed to the location of the resources around you as each time they will be in different places. You and your friends will run around the map and destroy objects, and when I say "objects", I mean it as entire houses can be brought to the ground with your sledgehammer. As you go about this you will gather different resources from each type of object. 

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Walls will give you brick, cars will give you metal, and trees will give you wood. All these world items will be needed to build your fort and each person will be responsible for making sure the fort is completely secure from these Husks. 

The world is also a mystery at first, as your map will be foggy until you explore each section of it. As you go about the game you will also uncover various objectives in the world, which will reward you with XP and items if you complete them. These items can be anything from traps to resources. 

Building is quick and easy

On that building note, Fortnite offers a quick and easy way to build anything you need for your fort. Building walls and floors can be done on the fly without any delay. Traps and other defence items are also built the same way, but again they all rely on specific resources which you gather during the day. Each player class in the game will have specific Fort Weapons which you can gather (more on that later), and these will give you an upper hand while defending your fort from these Husks. 

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The idea that you can quickly build a wall right in front of you while swarms of Husks are running at you is pretty cool, but you need to always keep in mind that these Husks can also smash down anything in their way, so that could be a problem too. As long as you have the required resources the building will be quick and easy and as long as you work with your team to utilise each player's unique skills, you will be fine for the first few waves of enemies. 

Building your base can actually get quite advanced in the later stages as you start to build up and really define each piece of wall. You can cut out pieces of the square to make doors and even the floor dividing the bottom and the top can be trimmed so you can shoot down to the lower level. There will also be various places across the map where you can build specific buildings which will have special effects on the game. One example of this is a radio tower which reveals more of the map to you if you finish construction completely. 

There will be "a lot of loot"

Let's be honest here, loot is one of the best things in gaming and it is the reason why we always keep going back to a game. In Fortnite, the system is one of the game's key features. Weapons, traps and other gear will be the player's pride and glory. Loot boxes in the form of Llama Pinatas contain schematics for weapons. These are blueprints which you can use to make specific items in the game for your character. Once you have a schematic, you own it forever and each class has a set of unique schematics which you can obtain through these loot boxes. 

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All weapons break after a while but seeing as you have the schematic, you can make them during the game if you have the right materials. There will also be various weapon types like two-handers, sniper rifles, pistols etc. Weapon schematics will also range in different rarities going from Epic Schematics to Legendary. The rarer the schematic the more powerful and durable the weapon will be. 

You can also level up your weapons in the game too, so if you love a common weapon then you can end up with a legendary one if you are determined enough. 

Classes make it worth your time

The game revolves around four main classes, Soldier, Constructor, Outlander and Ninja. At the start of the game, you will have a basic hero for each class, but as you play the game more, you will again obtain more heroes through the game's loot system. Each class has a male and female variation as well as dozens of cosmetic items to make your character stand out from the rest. Each character can also be levelled up which will increase their health, shield, ability damage and more. 

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As you level up your hero will become more powerful, but at the same time, he or she will also unlock new abilities as your evolve them by hitting the level cap. This also changes the overall look of the heroes, which is pretty cool if you ask me. So while guns and equipment can be evolved to be stronger and change the appearance, classes and heroes can too. 

The skills for each class are determined by your power level in the game. The more you play and the more successful you are at what you do, the more you will be able to invest in this skill tree. These class skills revolve around different perks that increase, for example, the Constructor's build speed and the offence of the Ninja. 

It is a social game

In the end, Fortnite is meant to be played with a friend. Each of you takes on a specific role and you all head out to face off these Husks which are coming down from the storm. Each of you will have a specific goal you want to obtain in the game, be it earning loot boxes, levelling up a gun, or simply playing for fun, but while you are together you need to work as a team to make sure you succeed in keeping each other, and of course, the fort safe from the enemies. 

Daily Quests will keep you coming back to unlock specific rewards like new heroes and weapons, and doing all this with friends will keep things entertaining in the long run. 

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As you can see, Fortnite has so many unique game mechanics that are all merged into one solid survival experience. I cannot wait to get my hands on the game when it hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 25 July 2017. You can pre-order the early access version of the game today and start playing on 21 July, four days earlier. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below and let me know what you think about the game in the comments section. 

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