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Pokémon GO: Gyms are temporarily closing today in preparation for an update

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There is something big happening in the augmented-reality wilds of Pokémon GO, and I’m not talking about the Solstice Celebration. Today, developer Niantic Labs will be closing the gyms in preparation for an update, which could mean a number of things.  

Niantic explains on Twitter that: “In preparation for some exciting new features, we’ll be temporarily disabling Gyms starting June 19. Stay tuned for more information.” - Source

What exactly these exciting new features are, have not been revealed by the developer yet. Niantic’s support page does mention that the gyms will be closed for “remodelling” so a new look might be one of the things coming with the next update, but what could the “exciting new features” be? Well, at the time of writing nothing has been announced. Some are speculating that Pokémon feeding while they are in a gym could be one feature, while others are talking about some form of group play or multiplayer gym fights. The gyms closing today, but the exact time is currently unknown.

A Niantic support staff member, NianticGeorge, explains on Reddit that: “I don’t have an exact time. There’s a lot of moving pieces to this process so it would be hard to promise any timeframe. But I can say that it will likely happen within West Coast, USA business hours.” - Source

Further, the time or date when gyms will open up again is unknown. Niantic does mention that Pokémon trainers have assigned to gyms will be returned to them when the gyms close and asks trainers to collect their Defender Bonus before the gyms go offline.

What do you think about the gyms closing and what could these "exciting feature" be? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit

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