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Overwatch: Penalties for manipulating Skill Rating is 'about to increase dramatically'

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Overwatch is arguably the best team-based FPS you can play online. We love the game to bits and it continues to improve with events as well as new content from developer Blizzard Entertainment.

However, there is some negativity in Competitive Play forming for quite a while now for the community. Players aren’t happy with those who boost others or throw matches to manipulate their Skill Rating or Internal MMR. It can definitely be seen as a form of cheating, which is why members of the community asked Blizzard on the game’s forums recently what the developer’s opinion is on players who smurf.

The Game Director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, responded to fans by stating that smurfing, as in having a second account, is “fine” and explained that new accounts “very rapidly adjust to play at the proper skills level”. However, Mr Kaplan added that those who actually manipulate their Skill Rating or participate in boosting is going to have a bad time soon, stating that:  

“Doing anything to manipulate your internal MMR or Skill Rating (i.e. Boosting or Throwing) is not fine. Penalties for boosting and throwing are about to increase dramatically. Please report the behavior (reporting is being worked on for Console but is not ready yet).” - Source

It is excellent news that Blizzard will be clamping down more on those who cheat the game’s MMR system. Players were asked to report the behaviour (on PC) and hopefully, the report function will be available soon on consoles, so we can have clean Competitive Play matches across all platforms.

What do you think about increased penalties for manipulating MMR or Skill Rating in Overwatch? Let us know in the comment section below.


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