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Everything awesome happening at ICON 2017

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This year's ICON is going to be a little different, and we cannot wait to share the news of what we have planned in partnership with the event. All I can say for now is that it as something to do with E3, and maybe a little fighting game here and there. While all the details are still being finalised, we can give you a run down on all the awesome happenings at this year's event.

Where is ICON taking place?

Good thing you asked, else you would be lost, wouldn't you? ICON is returning to the Gallagher Convention Centre. The expo opens on the 16th of June and runs until the 18th. That is three days of awesome geek culture with competitions, stores, event and much more going down. 

The 16th of June is a Public Holiday, so there is really no excuse for not heading to the convention on a Friday. ICON is SA's longest running gaming and pop culture event, and every year it just gets bigger and better. As the Expo celebrates its 25th birthday (nearly as old as I am) we can expect more from it than ever before.

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Tickets are being sold right now on their website and start at R120 for a day pass, and R250 for a weekend pass. There is also a VIP ticket that includes some pretty cool things:

VIP Ticket - R995

  • On-site, undercover parking at Gallagher Convention Centre
  • Limited edition ICON 2017 VIP Mug, with bottomless tea and coffee
  • ICON 2017 T-shirt (you'll need to specify size)
  • Ticket to Saturday night's ICON Comedy Evening
  • Front row seating at all panels
  • Fast Pass to all attractions and signings
  • An exclusive Canon-Selfie session with Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le!

What is happening at ICON 2017

This year's ICON will play host to some fantastic special guests which include Cosplay Guest of Honour Linda Le (aka Vampy Bit Me). She is rated one of the top ten most popular cosplayers in the world at the moment. She will also be a judge on the panel for the Cosplay Competition. 

James Sutter, one of gaming's most influential insiders, author and co-creator of Pathfinder will also be at the expo. He will be on a panel during various discussions at the event. Talking about panels, ICON will host over 40 of them with topics that range across various different geek culture industries. 


One of the most exciting ones will be the "Create an Alien" panel that will see James designing an alien species from the ground up based on the world from the Valerian cosmos. This panel will be in partnership with Sean Izaakse, current lead artist Marvel's Avengers comics. He will be drawing the alien as James creates it. I mean, how do you get even more epic than that? 

Tech analysts such as Arthur Goldstuck and Nikki Bush, well-known columnist and specialist in the field of "child play and the development" will be on the panel too during the expo. The South African Blood Service will also be at the event so if you want to donate blood, which should be everyone's top priority in life, you can. Donors stand a chance of winning a 3D printed replica of themselves as a superhero because blood donors save lives every day. 


Tech giants such as Canon, Gigabyte, and MakerBot will be at the show with their latest tech, and Student Brands and Nickelodeon will make sure the Expo gets as much outside publicity as it is awesome. The Comedy Evening returns too this year on 17 June where six of SA's funniest comedians will take to the stage to share their jokes they have on the world and especially in geek culture. 


While there will be much more going on at the event in terms of panels and guest appearances, these are the highlights. Do not forget that there is also an awesome Pokémon GO event taking place called the *cue epic godly Pokémon League voice* "The Battle for Gallagher 2017". Players will represent their team and take control of the Pokémon Gym outside the venue at random times of the event a trainer who has control of the gym will be chosen and he or she will win a prize. Pretty epic, right? 


While there is more taking place at the event, this is all we can share for now. We will have new announcements as we get them, as well as the other competitions taking place at the event. We will also be giving away 20 double passes to ICON 2017, more details on that soon. In the meantime like the ICON 2017 Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or visit their website to stay up to date with all the new happenings. 

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