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South African game Jengo gets a publisher, will be headed to consoles in 2018


If you know anything about local video game development, it is that we really care about all our local devs working hard on their dream project. One of these games, which is very dear to my heart, is Jengo. Robot Wizard's Graeme Selvan, one of the game's creative masterminds, is a dear friend of mine who I have a huge amount of respect for.

For those who have only heard of the game now, Jengo is a point and click adventure game set in a world called Pixelverse, where our favourite video game characters of the past have come to retire due to simply not being respected as much as they used to be. The game takes on some rather hysterical satire about the modern gamer, and how we have neglected the guys who made our favourite games awesome in the first place. 

The team behind the game and they just announced some pretty great news. Jengo will now be published by France's Playdius Entertainment, the same publishing firm who handle games like Pankapu, Strikers Edge, and Away. 

"We are thrilled to work with Robot Wizard, says Francis Ingrand, CEO of Playdius Entertainment. Jengo’s bittersweet humour, wonderful arts and brain-teasing riddles are a bright combination for those craving for a throwback to Point and Click Adventure Games with a modern and appealing coating"

This news also comes with a possible release window which the developers say could be late 2018. Originally the game was meant to release in an episodic form, with five episodes planned throughout development, but now the title will be released as a full experience, one which you can play at all once. 

What will you be able to play it on you ask? Well, seen as I know Mr Selvan so well, I picked his brain on what platforms we could see the release on come 2018 and while he was a little shady about it, he did say that we could see it, apart from PC, on Xbox One, PS4, and of course Nintendo Switch. Personally, I think this is major news for us as South African gamers, as we all dream of playing games made by our own fellow gamers. I think the game will be a perfect fit on all platforms and I might just buy it on all three, to be honest.

Last, but not least, the team announced that Micheal James, you might know him from NAG, has also joined the team as a writer. We know the game relies heavily on a great script to push the hysterics, and I am sure Micheal James' contribution will add to this. For the time being take a look at the latest dev diary where the team make the announcement. 

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