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First Look: Far Cry 5 tackles a fanatic religious cult and we cannot wait to play it

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Ubisoft has been teasing their latest entry in the Far Cry series the entire week, and while we have been excited about it, their teasers have also brought up some rather questionable plot details. While we did not know the exact details of the game up to now, the teaser image which was released earlier this week, was pretty intense and showed off some touchy religious subjects at what Ubisoft was calling "The last supper". 

Putting that all aside, we can finally understand what the game is about thanks to the official reveal that has shed some light on the Hope County in Montana.  

What is The Project at Eden's Gate?

What is important to know is what Far Cry 5 is about, and why Ubisoft has taken such a dramatic turn in the plot and setting. Well, if you ask me, the bar was raised in Far Cry 4, so in order to make a bigger and better game, they had to go back to what makes Far Cry so great, and part of that is the ability to bring a realistic setting to a game with real-life scenarios and people you want to meet. 

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Like all past Far Cry games, the latest one will star an antagonist that will rival ones before. Joseph "The Father" Seed leads The Project, a cult that preys on the fear that the world is ending and that their job is to save as many people as possible.  Hope County, the location where the game takes place, hold the key to salvation. The religious cult is led by fanatical belief that a voice once spoke to Joseph The Father and commanded him to save as many souls as possible, whether they like it or not. 

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The cult has been in the County for a while now and has already built up a strong resistance against the people by intimidation, recruitment, and aggressive land acquisition. Basically, they are armed religious fanatics that will either see you turn or die.  

Creating a mature game that gets closer to the films we watch

One of Ubisoft's design goals was to create a game that can stand side-by-side amongst some of the best Hollywood movies of today. This means that it is important for them to tackle real-world issues and create characters that are as complex as everyday life. The Father has built his own religion, and even though it is a hard subject to touch on, Ubisoft is confident that this idea works in the game. 

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The depth of character complexity does not end there, however, as everyone in the game who plays a main role in the story has layers and layers of details. The Fathers' family who will play a role in different mechanics in the game, all come alive like never before, and their threats will feel real and dangerous. 

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Ubisoft spent two weeks in Montana where they met and took inspiration from the people in order to bring the world to life with the people who will act as NPCs and the environment that we will explore in the game.

Welcome to the Resistance

Like all action games with a psychotic religious freak as the villain, it also needs a good set of resistance members. You, along with Mary May, Pastor Jerome Jeffries, and Nick Rye, will set out and take down the cult piece by piece. Ubisoft says that these three characters will act as more than just typical "quest givers", and once you see them come alive in the game through missions and their backstories, you will get to feel an emotional connection with them. Pastor Jerome Jefferies is a former parish priest who lost his church to the cultists before being severely beaten and left in the woods to die. He is dedicated to defending Hope Country's civilisation.

Mary May Faigrave, a second-generation saloon owner who's business was almost destroyed by Eden's Gate will fight with all her will power to take the land and bring back peace. Lastly, Nick Rye is a crop duster pilot who lives with the disappointment of not enrolling in the Air Force, but now he has a purpose, and that is to use his planes and weapons to fight back.

So, in a nutshell, Far Cry 5 is taking some rather big steps into a more hardcore experience. While we do not know much about the game's gameplay, we will surely see more at the Ubi E3 event next month. We also know that the game will feature a co-op campaign which lets you play with a friend from start to finish and a fully customizable protagonist. 

We have a while to wait though as Far Cry 5 is only set for release on 27 February 2018. Watch the full reveal trailer below. 

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