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Pokémon GO: An awesome South African event announced for ICON 2017

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ICON, the longest running comics and games convention in South Africa will be held from 16 to 18 June at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Gauteng. The gate to the event’s Convention Centre just so happens to be a Pokémon GO gym and I am ecstatic to announce that there will be an awesome event for trainers to take part in.

The event is called the “Battle For Gallagher 2017” and will run the entire weekend when ICON 2017 takes place, hosted by ICON and Outer Limits. The event is open to everyone who has a ticket to ICON and is not to be missed by any Pokémon GO players able to attend.

Players will be able to represent their chosen team and battle for control over the gym. The event description reads:

“ICON 2017 is proud to present the inaugural 'Battle For Gallagher'! The MYSTICAL gate to Gallagher Convention Centre is a Gym - which team will have the VALOR to come out on top? Will it be by overwhelming strength or through cunning and INSTINCT?”

There is a Pokéstop a bit further into the area, where players who have an ICON ticket will go to, register as a member of one of the three teams and then head back to the gym to do battle. Further, there will be a “Battle Recharge Station” where players can charge their phones, battery packs and check the status of the gym on a screen.

But that’s not all! There will be prizes up for grabs. The event organisers explain:

“At random times during the weekend, we'll be checking on the gym to see which team currently holds it - we'll then randomly draw a person from the team that currently holds the gym, and they'll win a prize.”  

It will without a doubt be an extremely exciting event to attend for our local Pokémon GO players, the only question remains, which team will you do battle for?

Will you be attending ICON 2017 and participate in this awesome local Pokémon GO event? Let us know in the comment section below.

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