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South Africans pay tribute to Overwatch in the best way possible

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Today marks the Overwatch Anniversary. So if you think about it, this time last year we were all sitting in front of our TV screens and monitors, trying to figure out just what hero we will choose next to test out in the training room. The game has come a long way since then with new heroes, new maps, new modes, and of course, let us not forget all the awesome skins we have missed and looted along the way. 

For many South Africans, Overwatch means more than just a game to them as it has built a community around them that they go to when they need some game time. Some of them have even created brand new friendship circles around them thanks to the game by meeting new people across the globe. Most of all everyone has a little bit of love to share when it comes to the game. I asked some of the Overwatch players I know to send me clips on their experience with the game over the past year and we put it together in a tribute video to show of our South African love for the game. Take a look at the memories below. From us here at MWEB GameZone, we all want to wish Blizzard a happy Overwatch anniversary.

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