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Everything you need to know about Destiny 2

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It was Destiny 2 day today, and it will forever be known as the day I shed a little tear over the game. Bungie spilt the beans and more tonight during the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, but it was more informative than I ever thought it would have been. The game, if anything, looks completely new with new social hubs on all planets, new planets to explore, and of course new weapons and gear. The entire stream focused on everything we loved about Destiny, and with over four hundred thousand people tuning into the stream, it was clear that the game is as popular as ever. 

While the gameplay reveal was about an hour long, so much was touched on that it would take a while to read through, that is why we put a video together where we discuss everything new and fresh, as well as touch on some of the most important announcements in the reveal like the Guided Games feature which in theory is Destiny 2's answer to an activity finder. The new subclasses look awesome and let us not forget the advanced visual tweaks on the game. Lastly, and probably the most important of all, we will no longer need to go to orbit to change locations and activities. 

Destiny 2 takes place after the events of the original where The Tower, that place we spent hundreds of hours in gets blown up by the Red Legion. They have come in a force with their leader "Gary" the Ghaul, who is a giant Cabal with one mission, steal the Traveller's light for himself. The opening mission shows off some brand new guns, super abilities, and of course gorgeous visuals. The game will still have its classic modes like the infamous Raid, Strikes and of course the campaign which according to Bungie is the biggest and most cinematic they have ever created. Crucible, on the other hand, will not be that big as it has seen a reduction from 6v6 to 4v4. That means that all Crucible modes other than Trials of Osiris will be 4v4. 

Clans will see a big change in the sequel as you will not be able to search for new clans in the game, as well as join them for a single activity. if you have no friends, the new activity finder will be you best friend. Yes, you will be able to search for a raiding party to complete the raid with, and if you are hosting a raid you can fill in those empty spots using the new features called Guided Games. 

Planets and worlds will be bigger than anything in the past title, with social hubs on each one. You will be able to spend a good time on each doing all sorts of events and activities. Bungie put a large emphasis on just how big the map of each area is, and just how many events they have worked on to keep you busy. Public events, the lost sectors, and adventures will all be scattered across each planet each offering challenges and rewards to players. 

Take a look at the video below as we go through everything we love about Destiny 2 so far. Destiny 2 is due for release on 8 September 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Destiny 2 Gameplay Analysis 

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