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Windows 10 Fall Update to improve cross-device experiences

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According to The Verge, Microsoft is launching a second Windows 10 Creators Update in September. We know that Microsoft didn't release all the fixes and new features they were working on with the first Creators Update, so it's good news that they continue to roll out more of the promised tweaks.

Features coming with the second Creators Update:

  1. Timeline - An overview of all the apps a Windows 10 user is running on different devices using the OS.
  2. Pick Up Where You Left Off - Allows a user to continue using those apps across the different Windows 10 devices.
  3. Clipboard - A cloud clipboard feature that allows users to copy/paste across devices using the OS.
  4. OneDrive Files On-Demand - Tweaking the service to only release the files a user demands - without having to sync or download the whole folder.
  5. Fluent Design - The combination of the above features into a design that accommodates cross-device experiences

Microsoft will release more details about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update later today and in the coming weeks.

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