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The Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship was the esports competition SA needed

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With a prize pool of R1 million, and sponsors with the likes of Samsung, and Asus, Mettlestate had some high expectations to fill with their first ever championship. After attending the finals, and being completely blown away by everything the competition had to offer, I have to truly say that esports in South Africa has finally been taken seriously. From the popping of the confetti, the flashing lights, to the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs as a player wiped the team twice in a row. The Samsung Galaxy Championship was a gorgeous event, and I cannot be more excited to see what is coming in the future.  

While the event started already on Thursday, the final took place yesterday and saw Bravado and Energy Esports go head to head in the finals. Now Bravado already had the upper hand as the first map in the finals was their choice, but Energy Esports put up a good fight until around the thirteenth round where Bravado took the lead. Bravado then ended the first round in an explosive finish. While I am not quite fimiliar with how esports works, especially when playing a game like CS:GO, I have to say that I was intrigued within minutes of the match starting. Player strategies, map layout, and much more went into the game, and it just proved how much attention to detail there is in the lead up to a match. Energy Esports used too much money in one round purchasing weapons, and that affected their overall performance of their play for a few matches after that. Sounds like me on payday to be honest. 

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One player from Energy Esports named "Flexeee" stole the show with some pretty impressive team wipes, no scopes, and some clutch kills. The crowd went wild when he did it twice in a row, and wiped the entire team. In the end however, Bravado walked away with the crown, and their share of R1 million, which was R350k. Energy Esports did not walk away empty handed though, as second place was R160k.

The Samsung Galaxy CS:GO tournament was an unbelievable event in my eyes, and something that proved just how much potential there is for esports in SA. With the likes of Asus and Samsung at the helm, the tournament had a fair amount of polish to it that did not disappoint. Everything at the final event felt premium, like something on a smaller scale of say the Overwatch World Championship, and I have to give Mettlestate praise for it. Even watching the streams leading up to the finals on the weekend was a blessing, with top-notch quality across the board. It could not have been cheap to pull this sort of thing off, and I hope that people see this as a stepping stone to greater things to come.

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Once again congrats to all the teams who participated in the event, and Mettlestate for the superb show they put on. You can watch the final showdown below between Bravado and Energy Esports. Or take a look at Mettlestate's Twitch page for everything else. 

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