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PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battleground: What is it and how well does it play for a South African?

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It's not often that I find myself so immersed in a game that time just slips by – then when I finally realize it’s 2AM, instead of panic, I simply call last rounds and fit just one more game in. Especially not in a game that fundamentally has no storyline, no character growth, not a single gripping twist or well written character to keep you engrossed in it… Rather, just a single objective: Become the last survivor.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds encapsulates such a basic concept and delivers it in a magnificent and ridiculously addictive fashion! The Battle Royale design of casting you into a world where you face off against numerous other players as you fight and defend your way to become the last man standing, is a tried and familiar concept where nothing new ever really spawns from.

Not unless you’re the Godfather of the Battle Royale genre. With a multitude of mods and development roles under his belt, PLAYERUNKNOWN birthed this gaming genre and has now turned his experience and passion into his very own game!

Take a look at our video below, where I discuss how PLAYERUNKNOWN made me fall in love with a game, I would have never given a second look.

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