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Battlefield 1: Nivelle Nights map is good enough to want to go premium


So April has seen quite a few CTE (Community Test Environment) sessions regarding the Premium exclusive night map, Nivelle Nights. Trumping through the tug-of-war Frontlines mode and more recently Rush, the map has become a template for great trench warfare and I've personally had a blast with it! Steering clear from the pitch dark Graveyard Shift Map variant of the popular Battlefield 4 Map, Zavod. Nivelle Nights rather adopts a more cinematic approach, lighting up the skies with tracer rounds, distant fires and immersive spotlights. Battles are driven to the narrow trenches causing bloodbaths of chaos as flags are fought over and objectives captured. All the while the surrounding terrain masks for fantastic flanks, bombardment strategies and very stealthy sniping!

Even though it's sad to see a map of such quality skip out on non-Premium players, especially given that it could very easily be part of a future DLC package or in the very least be made available to owners of the They Shall Not Pass DLC pack. It stands out as just another good reason to grab the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass if you have not yet!

Watch our video below as we give a run down of the new Nivelle Nights map's gameplay.

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