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What Bravado's survey reveal about South African gamers

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Bravado Gaming recently conducted a survey of the local games industry. The results are in, and you can find a summary below. The most interesting statistic for me is that most South African gamers label themselves as "social gamers." It's interesting because the survey was conducted by an eSports organisation, and one should think that most South African gamers who frequent their website fall in the professional or semi-professional segment. Perhaps Bravado should've included an option for "competitive gamer."

The second stat I find most interesting is how much data gamers use per month. I reckon if Bravado asked "over 100GB they would've still gotten a high percentage. Also, what are we all still doing on ADSL? We should change to fibre.

You can check out all the results on Bravados website here. Below is the highest score per segment.

Bravado Gaming SA Survey Results - Summary

  • 48.84% of participants indicated they fall in the age group 18-25 years old
  • 41.86% of participants indicated that they are a social gamer
  • 80% of participants indicated that they game on PC
  • 60.93% of participants said they watch gaming streams on both Twitch & YouTube
  • 56.98% of participants use ADSL (contract) for gaming
  • 50.23% use over 50GB of data per month
  • 48.84% of participants said they use Vodacom as their mobile service provider
  • Over 60% indicated that CS: GO is their game of choice

Thanks Bravado!

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