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ESA Report: Essential facts about the computer and video game industry

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The Entertainment Software Association released their 2017 report; Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry. For me, the report highlights two very important things: Women are (still - as it's becoming a year-on-year trend) more into gaming than most people think, and parents' sentiment has changed from concern to being favourable about their kids playing video games on a regular basis. Also, the average age of the gamer is older than you probably think.

The ESA report focuses on American households, and given the bad press gaming have received in the past decade, it's no small 'miracle' that 71% of parents feel gaming is a good thing for their children. Maybe Obama's positive attitude towards video games and gaming projects helped shaped the sentiment. According to ESA president, Michael D. Gallagher, “America is a nation of gamers,” and “Families across the nation enjoy video game experiences that deliver sensational and immersive fun."

More than 4 000 American households took part in the ESA survey. Below is a summary of the most important facts.

  • 31% Represents adult women who play video games.
  • 18% Represents boys 18 years or younger who play video games.
  • 65% of American households include someone who plays video games on a regular basis.
  • 71% of parents feel gaming is good for their kids.
  • 96% of parents believe the ESA game rating system is accurate.
  • 53% of those who game the most play multiplayer games.
  • 97% of US households own a PC.
  • 81% of US households own a smartphone.
  • 48% of US households own a console.
  • 11% of US households own a VR device.
  • 17% of gamers game with their spouse.
  • 54% of those who game the most say it helps them connect with friends.
  • 45% said gaming helps the family spend time together.
  • 94% of parents pay attention to the games their children play.
  • 67% of parents play at least one game per week with their child.
  • 35 Years old - average age of the gamer.
  • 37 Years old - average age of the female gamer.
  • 33 Years old - average age of the male gamer.
The report also covered 2016's top-selling video games, and how much it contributed to the US economy. We'll cover those details in a separate article.

Source: ESA

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